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Comfort Enhancements

Accessories like custom-fitted inserts or insoles can significantly enhance comfort by providing additional support or cushioning where needed. They can adjust the fit of the shoe, especially for individuals with specific foot conditions or those needing extra support.

Friend bought new sneakers from Hooks and the sales lady was just great with him.
He was sorta indecisive and she tried on several sneakers before he found the perfect ones. Navy treed with orange stripes. He’s gotten so many compliments on his new trendy sneakers .

Mary D.

I have been buying footwear here for years and would not even think of going elsewhere. They spend as much time as needed to make sure I have the perfect fit. I highly recommend them, especially for those with hard-to-fit feet.

Dorothy R.

Shoe Care Products

To keep your shoes looking good and feeling their best, choose from a variety of products that protect leather, protect from stains, and keep your shoes water resistant.


We carry a variety of socks that are suited for any foot. Whether you’re looking for extra protection and padding, struggle with circulatory issues or neuropathy, or need an extra wide or loose fit, we have you covered.